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Linda Lippens, Stefania Andreani en Sonja Pot

Employees of the Technical Department

We ensure that the necessary work is carried out in and around the buildings so that everyone is able to make optimum use of a cared for and safe infrastructure. There are many facets to our job. We fix what is broken, take care of preventive maintenance and try to keep energy costs as low as possible.

Our shop managers can come to us with all sorts of technical failures and difficulties in the premises: a leaking roof, an air conditioner that is not working, a door that won’t lock etc. Our job is to ensure that these repairs are carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

There is a constant search to find environmentally friendly, energy conscious materials and solutions. Energy management and reducing consumption is also an important part of the job.

Our top priority is ensuring the shop managers and staff have a safe and pleasant working environment so that they can focus all their efforts on our customers and good management of the shop.

Why do we enjoy it so much?
We are the glue between the problem and the solution and we always get a kick out of finding a fast, appropriate solution to any problem. We really do make a difference to the shop manager and that gives us a real feeling of satisfaction.

A day in the life of Linda, Sonja and Stefania:
Part of our job is that we are confronted with a new challenge every day of the week. Technical problems are difficult to predict.

As well as passing on the various failures to the right skilled technician you also have to take care of all the administrative details. The invoices for the repair jobs have to be examined. So you really have to be aware of the overall scheme of repairs in order to evaluate the costs properly.

As the Technical Department also has its own little odd job team it means that the work carried out needs to be well coordinated so that all the people carrying out the various jobs can bring the overall job to a satisfactory conclusion.


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