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Lien Penxten and Roy Carnevale

Merchandise Controllers

The Merchandising department is an important link between the Purchasing and Sales department. We are in frequent contact with the shopmanagers, district managers and purchasers.

We are mainly responsible for the distribution of our collection to the shops. Based on the sales history, we relocate the stock as efficiently as possible. This way we try to increase our sales opportunities. We also manage the stock of our webshop.

Besides managing our stock, we also work closely with our purchasers and make quite a lot of analyzes for them. For our basic collection, we determine when exactly and how many extra quantities need to be ordered. Our aim is to realize a maximum sale with a minimum stock quantity in our warehouse. Our department also determines the stock quantity needed for promotions, for brochures, etc...

It is a daily challenge to report the exact figures on time and to make an estimation as accurate as possible of the expected sales. The additional sales, which we help to realize, give us the energy to make the most of it every day again. The pleasant atmosphere at Euro Shoe and the opportunities to grow in our job is why we like working here.


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