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Christian Pellaers

District Manager

I have been working as a District Manager at Shoe discount since the summer of 2011. I really enjoy doing this as the job of DM is ideal for me but also because there is a great working environment and I really feel appreciated. In addition I am given a great deal of freedom in carrying out my job.

As District Manager I function as the central hub between the head office and the shops and my primary task is to ensure that the company philosophy is clearly reflected in all aspects of the branches within our region. This covers all areas ranging from organisation, financial figures to visual merchandising. In short it is a job with many responsibilities in which good results achieve the greatest motivation and where you never miss an opportunity to take on a challenge.

On most of my working days I am out visiting the various shops. My day begins by quickly checking my emails while having breakfast. I am then off to visit the first shop. Depending on the distances involved and the size of the shop I normally visit two to four branches a day. During my visit to the shop I will walk through the shop with the Manager and discuss various topics such as business results, the appearance of the shop, promotions etc. After my last visit of the day I head off home. Once home I spend a little time exercising and relaxing in order to keep in shape. Later in the evening I go through my emails and then last but not least I look at the turnover figures for the day.


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