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Carine Jans and Dirk Peumans


Carine Jans:

Since 1986 I have been working for Euro Shoe as shopmanager of Avance Hasselt. It is my job to supervise the smooth functioning of the shop, the stock, the maintenance, the sales, the returns and the staff. The biggest challenge is to present good sales figures. By working hard and with the help of family and excellent staff we succeed in this challenge.

We always seem to run out of time for our daily activities. We start by cleaning our shop because we want it to be spic and span when we open our doors for the customers. Delivered goods are unpacked and stored as soon as possible by my husband whose help is indispensable. We always try to satisfy our customer. They appreciate a personal service. That's why I'm always present in the shop.

I love working for Euro Shoe Group because my job is very exciting and offers a lot of variety. Through the years I have grown in my job thanks to the support of the colleagues at our head office. You get to opportunity to show what you are worth. By the way, my son has followed in my footsteps and is now shop manager of Avance Leuven. We often meet and catch up while having a drink on a terrace. That's quality time to me!


Dirk Peumans:

I got in contact with the footwear sector at a young age. When I was a teenager I did a summer job at Euro Shoe Group and my mother has been a succesful shopmanager of Avance Hasselt. After my studies I had been working for several years in the financial sector when I got the chance to become shopmanager in Leuven three years ago. I seized this unique opportunity with both hands.

Being an independent shopmanager is a challenging and all-round task. I consider myself a mini- CEO.

The diversity of the job is clearly present through the wide range of tasks which can be classified into 4 major parts: stock control, staff, administration and - of course - sales.

It is essential that the stock is perfect. Receiving, controlling and handling containers full of goods demands quite some punctuality and even more eagerness to work hard. A perfectly organized stock forms the basis for a good sale. If the stock is not perfect, it is impossible to obtain the very ambitious sales figures.

As far as staff is concerned, I look for ways to optimize my workforce. I spend a lot of time motivating and coordinating my sales team. It is my task to make sure that all staff members feel committed not only to the sales objectives but to running the shop and controlling the stock as well. Creating a pleasant atmosphere while keeping focussed on the sales objectives is the best way to motivate my staff. I want my staff to enjoy their job each day again and again. This attitude has an immediate effect on the customers and therefore eventually also on the sales figures.

As a shopmanager for Avance, you are self-employed. For tax reasons I have set up a corporation. Taking care of business that way has a lot of advantages but also involves a lot of administration. Every 3 months I meet my accountant to analyze the relation between revenues and expenses. Budgetting personnel cost is an important issue.

The most important part of the job is of course the sales. I constanly try to get the best out of my staff. Training on the job is very useful. Working as a close team involves supporting each other and making each other better. The customers deserve the best service and that is exactly what we offer them. I see customers return to my shop and often complimenting my team. Every day we communicate the intended sales figures en we try to achieve that goal together. A small reward now and then keeps my staff motivated.

Being a shopmanager for Avance gives a lot of satisfaction if you are prepared to give the best of yourself every day again and again. Running your own shop is a big responsability but I can manage thanks to the full support and guidance of the bigger team of Euro Shoe Group.


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