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Who are ESG?

Euro Shoe Group is a major player as a fashion retailer in the Benelux market. The general public know the company through its chains such as Avance and Shoe Discount in Belgium and Avance and Bristol in the Netherlands. Euro Shoe Group offers an extensive and varied selection of contemporary fashions for the whole family with shoes, textiles and accessories forming the core of the business.

Euro Shoe Group has over 385 branches in de Benelux countries and employs more than 2,000 staff. The company has office complexes in both Belgium and the Netherlands. The distribution complex is based in Belgium. The head office in Beringen has 4,500 m² of office space and parking spaces for 300 vehicles. The modern, automated distribution centre in Beringen has a storage area of 21,000 m² and parking facilities for 100 lorries. There are 22 loading and unloading bays for the lorries and the 180 metre quayside on the Albert canal has capacity to handle 5,000 containers per year.

In addition to the offline distribution chains Euro Shoe Group has just recently added online shops. The Advance web shop was the first to be launched followed shortly afterwards by Bristol online. Shoe Discount was the last to join the triumvirate.